Command Line

EMS Magic can be loaded manually from the command line in DOS or Windows. To start EMS Magic from the command line, type:


This will load EMS Magic with the default options. (See the Advanced section for a complete listing of all command-line options.)

Once EMS Magic is loaded, it will remain resident in memory, providing XMS and/or EMS services, until it is unloaded. To unload EMS Magic, type:

emsmagic /u

If running in Windows, EMS Magic will automatically be unloaded when you close or exit the command prompt window.

Unlike most memory managers, EMS Magic is a dynamic device driver. This means you can load and unload it whenever you want, without needing to restart your computer. In addition, EMS Magic has been optimized to automatically "load high" whenever possible, so utilities such as LH or LOADHIGH should not be used to load EMS Magic. Such utilities can actually increase the resident memory usage of EMS Magic.


The above examples assume your EMS Magic directory is in your PATH environment variable. If you installed EMS Magic manually and chose not to modify your PATH, you will have to change to (or specify) the full path containing emsmagic.exe.

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