Getting Started

There are two ways to install EMS Magic: Using the automated Windows installer (Windows NT 4.0 or later), or manually (DOS and earlier versions of Windows). Both installation packages are included with the purchase of an EMS Magic license. If you are using EMS Magic for personal use only, you can download these packages for free.

Automated Installation
  1. Run emsmagic21.exe to start the setup program.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup.
  3. Note

    If you are running Windows NTx, you need to be logged in with an administrator account. This is required for the setup program to be able to modify your PATH environment variable. In addition, Vista users will have to approve system access by the installer, or temporarily disable User Account Control (UAC).

    If a previous version of EMS Magic is already installed, you will be prompted to uninstall it first. This is highly recommended to prevent conflicts from two different versions using the EMSMagic environment variable.

    If you are using Windows 9x, you will be prompted to restart after the installation. In this case, you must restart before running EMS Magic, otherwise the changes to your PATH environment variable will not be updated, and the shortcuts will not work properly.

    Finally, note that the installer supports several command-line switches which can be used to assist system administrators in setting up unattended installations.

Manual Installation
  1. Create a new directory for EMS Magic.
  2. Extract the contents of to this directory.
  3. If you want to be able to run EMS Magic from any directory, you will need to modify your PATH environment variable to include the directory EMS Magic is located in.
  4. Here is an example of the manual installation steps for DOS, assuming PKUNZIP is installed and in your PATH:

    C:\>md c:\emsmagic
    C:\>cd \emsmagic
    C:\EMSMAGIC>pkunzip -d c:\
    C:\EMSMAGIC>echo SET PATH=%PATH%;C:\EMSMAGIC >>c:\autoexec.bat
    CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart

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